Skype Readings/Michelle Mari Elliott – £35

Visit me at home in Cornwall – £50 (concessions available)

I have been reading Elder Futhark runes for over 30 years and I have developed my own personal set of sea oracle stones and tree spirit cards to help give you the guidance you may seek. I am not a fortune teller, I simply channel wisdom from my spirit guides to help you gain a much deeper insight into what changes may be needed in your present situation in order to reach your full potential and avoid any adverse or negative situations.  I combine my psychic and magical abilities with my runes and oracles to bring you a more profound understanding of your true life’s path.  I work on a spiritual level with the ancient energies of the Shining Ones, star beings, who are described by my Irish ancestors as bringing great healing and magick to our Earth many thousands of years ago.  Irish myths refer to this race as The Sidhe, and these incredible beings have been interacting with me on an astral level since early childhood. I am able to channel their healing, wisdom and spirit connection through my readings. 

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‘Not knowing anything about me you simply tuned in and were spot on and the advice you gave has helped immensely, now I can truly move on, you have a genuine and rare gift, bless you’. Helen, London

‘I was visiting Glastonbury and saw you at an event there, I felt drawn to ask you for a reading.  You knew absolutely nothing about my situation, you simply channelled and read for me. I had been visiting psychics and mediums since 2005 to receive a message from my brother who passed away but had no luck.  He chose you to speak through and I am so grateful for your gift, its real, thank you Michelle’  Debra, Midlands



My powerful charms are fashioned from natural plants, roots, woods, berries and flowers and my potent talismans are crafted from discs of wood and imbued with magical glyphs and sigils to help manifest good health, success and abundance, promote fertility and bring the right kind of love into your life. 

Once you order your charm or talisman I will begin the magical process of real spell crafting and create it when the Moon is Dark, then it will be placed within my cauldron of changes until it has been fully charged under the magical influence of the Full Moon, after which it will be ready to post to you and the real magic can begin.

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‘Michelle worked her magic for me, I had been on IVF for years, when the money ran out I was so depressed and gave up hoping. I heard about her from a friend and took a chance on something I wasn’t sure was even real!  Within a year of the charm being made I was giving birth to my daughter, a real miracle, Im certainly a believer in magic now!’ 

Stacey, Devon


Handfasting is a very sacred marriage ritual that is becoming more popular with many modern couples who may wish for a more alternative style of wedding.  This ancient Pagan ceremony involves an exchange of vows, followed by the couple’s hands being gently tied together by ribbons or cords, known as the binding or tying the knot, and some couples choose to jump a broom at the end of the ceremony to symbolise their leap into a new life together.  Some couples choose to hold their weddings at magical outdoor locations such as stone circles, woodlands and beaches and themed weddings such as Viking, Medieval and Faerie are becoming more popular.  Wytchwyse will endeavour to provide you with the handfasting of your dreams in the location of your choice, giving you a truly unique wedding experience. 

Michelle Mari Elliott is a highly experienced handfasting High Priestess and included with every wytchwyse handfasting ceremony is a fabulous personalised bottle of her Mead of Love, made with strawberries and red rose petals and imbued with pink rose quartz. 

Wytchwyse faerytale wedding was featured in Fae magazine 2017

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True magic was in the air the day of our handfasting at three wishes festival.  We were blessed to have Michelle perform the ceremony, she completely outdid any expectations either of us had. She tailored the ceremony just how we wanted it, there were so many special touches, we were completely buzzing as Michelle weaved her magic”

Actress Charlie Bond and Filmmaker Peter Ford, London



Visit me here at home in Cornwall and learn the ways of a West Country witch/wise woman and I will be your guide into the realms of natural magic I will teach you to craft charms, write sigils and make talismans, fashion a poppet for healing and protection, forage for magical plants, create potent magical incense, make a witch’s ladder, learn about divination and much more!  Outdoor workshops include Sea witchery, creating your own Sea witch oracle, ceremony at a stone circle and drum vision quest in a Cornish fogou. 

Suitable for beginners

Prices vary depending on size of group

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‘I Rarely do I meet a truly authentic teacher, I am blown away by your willingness to share your knowledge so freely and the heart and love you put into your workshops is awesome.  I am looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me, thanks so much Michelle’. Janet, Brixham, Devon


I work closely with the Goddess Freya and use powerful runes and my psychic abilities to help heal your mind, body and spirit.  I have over thirty years of experience in shamanka rune healing and have successfully helped many people to improve their health and well-being and get back on the road to recovery through my runic healing magic. If you cannot visit me here in Cornwall I am able to provide powerful distance healing and direct it to you, combining my abilities as a Reiki Master healer teacher and dowser with those of a wise woman and shamanka. 

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If you are sensing any negative energy within your house, then it may be necessary to conduct a spiritual house cleaning.  You may be able to conduct this yourself with the help of a sage smudge stick or an essential oil diffuser, however, if you feel these negative energies are becoming detrimental to your health and well-being please get in touch with me and I can help neutralize or negate these harmful energy lines or spirits.  I am highly experienced in this field of work and use a combination of dowsing and psychic abilities to locate and identify where the underlying problem lies.

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