Magical Meditations &  Spells

Sharing sacred magic

For me, spell-crafting is powerful and potent. It is an alchemical combination of a strong intent with specific astrological timings, intuitively selected runes, and magical materials such as herbs, crystals, candles and more.  

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To impart this incredible magic and make it available to everyone, together with my mentor Hrabbanaz, and techno wizard Jim, we have put together a selection of my own incantations, spells and meditations which anyone can use at home to bring real magic into their lives.

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Each pack contains a mesmerising 20-minute spell incantation, which you can listen to while performing the spell, or just on its own; a 40-minute meditation which uses brainwave entrainment technology to help you relax into a deep meditative state, even if you’ve never meditated before. Also included are the in-depth instructions on how to to craft a charm and cast a spell that can help bring your dreams, goals and desires into manifestation.

“In the same way that our ancestors would have sought out their local wysewoman or cunning man when in need of help, people have been coming to me for years asking for spells to attract certain things into their lives. It might be for healing or good fortune, for fertility or love, or even to help them connect to their ancestors.”

Packs currently available

  • Abundance
  • Love
  • Health

In these packs I bring you the sacred magic of the Land, Sea and Sky – a deep resonating magic that is still inherent within our memories – so you can remember and reconnect to this ancient ancestral magic.


Packs planned for future release

  • Protection
  • Fertility
  • Ancestors


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